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Quality Switch, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of switches for use in dry type and liquid filled distribution, medium power and power transformers.
In addition, Quality Switch services switches for transformer repair facilities, electrical repair facilities, and manufacturers of power control equipment
(SCR power controllers, induction furnace manufacturers, AC and DC drives, etc.).
Engineering is actively involved in industry standards, including the IEEE Transformer Committee and the IEC 60214 standards.

Quality Switch, Inc. can provide a broad range of standard designs, modify standard designs to fit your application, or design a switch for your specific application.
They can also supply ancillary products for transformer applications including ground pads, bushing lugs, jack screws/pads, fabricated insulating boards, etc.

Main features include: 125 to 2500 Amperes per deck, 600 Volts (dry type) up to 345 kV, 1050 BIL (liquid filled), up to 12 Positions,
switches for varying connection schemes, 90 degree gear box drives (internal and external). Designs are modeled in 3D CAD and
available for export in several 2D or 3D formats to support customer designs.

H-J International is pleased to offer the following quality products manufactured by Quality Switch, Inc: De-Energized Tap Changers, Multiple
Voltage Switches, Series Parallel Switches, Motor Operated Switches, Network Grounding & Disconnect Switches, Pneumatically
Operated Switches, LTC Terminal Boards, Repair and Rebuild Switches, Delta-Wye Switches, Barkelew Type Switches... And More!