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Electric Research and Manufacturing Cooperative, better known as ERMCO, is committed to customer service excellence and product quality.
In late 1998, ERMCO purchased a portion of the General Electric components operations, retaining the facility's ISO-9002
Quality Standard, and building upon its long standing reputation as a quality supplier.

H-J International is pleased to offer the following quality products manufactured by ERMCO: Internal, Oil Immersed Secondary
Circuit Breakers, Integrated Bushings, High Voltage Bushing Wells, Tap Changer Switches, Dual Voltage Switches,
Under Oil Arrester Disconnect Switches, CT Junction Box, Bayonet Fuses, Isolation Links,
Dry Well Fuse Holders for Current Limiting Fuses... And More!

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3 Phase Integrated Bushing 3 Phase Integrated Bushing - Download Brochure PDF
Anti-Tracking Kit Anti-Tracking Kit - Download Brochure PDF
Bayonet Fuse Links Bayonet Fuse Links
CT Junction Box CT Junction Box - Download Brochure PDF
Disconnect Switch Disconnect Switch - Download Brochure PDF
Dry-Well Fuseholders for Current Limiting Fuses Dry-Well Fuseholders for Current Limiting Fuses - Download Brochure PDF
Expulsion Fuses Expulsion Fuses - Download Brochure PDF
High Voltage Bushing Wells High Voltage Bushing Wells - Download BrochurePDF
Isolation Links Isolation Links - Download Brochure PDF
Low Voltage Circuit Breakers Low Voltage Circuit Breakers - Download Brochure PDF
Low Voltage Distribution Class MOV Surge Arrester Low Voltage Distribution Class MOV Surge Arrester - Download Brochure PDF
Overload Indicator Assembly Overload Indicator Assembly
Signal Lights Signal Lights
Tap Changers Tap Changers - Download Brochure PDF
  Transformer Fluid - Biotrans 1000 - Download Brochure PDF