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Central Maloney Catalog
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Central Moloney Inc., Components Operation is a leading manufacturer of electrical distribution components.

For over 30 years, Central Moloney has offered innovative products to improve the quality and reliability of electrical distribution apparatus. Their wide range of manufacturing techniques (casting, transfer molding, pressure gelation, thermoplastic injection molding) ensure that your component needs - no matter what they may be - will be met. Central Moloney utilizes innovative technology from initial design through precise production and is proud to have received ISO 9002 certification.

H-J International is pleased to offer the following quality products manufactured by Central Moloney: Tap Changers, Wildlife Guards, Tuf Ex-Mounts, Loadbreak Switches, Tuf-Cup Drip Shields, Dual Voltage Switches, Bushing Wells, Molded LV Bushings, Cable Lead Bushings, Weld Flange Bushings, Shedmount and Shedwell Bushings, CT Lead Blocks, Terminal Blocks, CL Fuse Holders, Weak Link Fuses and Holders... And More!

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CT Junction Block,Terminal Block & Terminal Board CT Junction Block,Terminal Block & Terminal Board
Drip Shield Drip Shield - Download Brochure PDF
Dual Voltage Switches Dual Voltage Switches - CM7032
Fuses and Fuse Holders Fuses and Fuse Holders - Download Brochure PDF
High Voltage Bushings and Wells High Voltage Bushings and Wells
Loadbreak Switch Loadbreak Switch - Download Brochure PDF
Low Voltage Bushings Low Voltage Bushings
Tap Changers Tap Changers
Test Bushings Test Bushings
Wildlife Guards Wildlife Guards